Hints for What to Do if You Lose Your Power

Power outages that occur in severe weather, or that last for extended periods of time,  place a heavy burden on the system at the moment power is restored. You can help prevent an overload on the system and possibly another outage  by taking these steps:

Turn off every inside light except one.

Turn down your thermostat.

In cold weather, close windows and drapes to save heat. Pick one room on the warm side of the house (preferably one with a fireplace). Close the door to the rest of the house and use blankets to insulate your windows.

If the outage lasts over 60 minutes, turn off your electric water heater.

Make sure your kitchen range is off, both the surface and the oven. Never use it for heat.

Turn off all unnecessary appliances.

Avoid opening the freezer door. A full, freestanding freezer will keep food at freezing temperatures for about two days; a half-full freezer about a day.  For more information about food safety during and after a power outage, call the USDA Food Safety Hotline at 1-800-535-4555.

If you see a downed power line, STAY AWAY! And call your cooperative at once!

Leave your porch light on so workers will know when your power has been restored.

When power comes back on, slowly switch your appliances and lights back on and gradually return your thermostat to its normal setting.

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